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" Ishq Puni Thare (2018)"New Odia Movie All Official Original Songs 1st On Net
" Prem Kumar (2018)"New Odia Movie All Official Original Songs 1st On Net
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"Premare Premare (2018)" Odia New Full HD Movie *Cooming Soon*
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Sriman Surdas (2018) - Prem Kumar (2018) - Ishq Puni Thare (2018) - Local Toka Love Chokha (2018) - Tokata Phasigala (2018)
..::RECENT UPDATE IN-16.10.2018::..
"Pyar Alaga Prakara (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar & Aseema Panda"[Upcoming Odia Movie 1st Title Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Nagin Nagin 2 (2018) Ft.Tariq Aziz "[Dance Dhamaka New Album Songs] [DOWNLOAD]
"Priya Tu Beiman (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[New Odia Album Single Mp3] [DOWNLOAD]
"To Bhauni ku Paibi Bhala (2018) ft.Humane Sagar"[Puja Dhamaka New Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Tora DP Dekhu Dekhu Mora Hang Mobile (2018) ft.Humane Sagar"[New Masti Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Jay Ma Durga Ma (2018) Ft.Asima Panda"[Puja Spcl New Bhajan Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Direct Heart ke Touch Karla (2018) Ft.Ft, Umakant Barik & Jagruti Mishra "[Odia Album Single Mp3 Songs] [DOWNLOAD]
"Sakalu Hoi Galani Chaar Bottle Vodka (2018) ft.Humane Sagar"[Dussehra Dhamaka New Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Tamaku Dekhi Sambhali Hauni (2018) ft.Humane Sagar"[Puja Dhamaka New Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Goal Keeper Thile Kan Goal Hueni (Love Express)"[Upcoming Odia Movie 1st Mp3 Songs] [DOWNLOAD]
"Tu Mora Mehbooba (2018) ft.Aseema Panda, Swayam Padhi "[New Romantic Album Mp3] [DOWNLOAD]
"Heigala Swarthapara (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[New Odia Sad Album Songs] [DOWNLOAD]
"Kemiti Bhulibi Se Abhula Dina (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[Broken Heart Spl Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Akhiru Jhare Mo Luha (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[New Sad Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Aaji Tora Bahaghara Milu Tate Raja Bara (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[New Sad Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Bullet Pachare Bulei Nebi (2018) Ft.Humane Sagar"[Puja Dhamaka New Album Mp3] [DOWNLOAD]
"Prathama Prema (2018) Ft.Mantu Chhuria[New Odia Romantic Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"To Lauja Othare Hasa Alapa (2018) ft.Kumar Bapi"[New Romantic Album Full Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Tu Mo Silata Mun To Khadi (2018) Ft.Tariq Aziz"[New Dance Album Song] [DOWNLOAD]
"Chhati Ru Hrudaya (2018) Ft.Swayam Padhi"[Odia Romantic Album Single Song] [DOWNLOAD]
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